Abel: Quality german sausage

With the camera Teleweb visits the modern factory of the company Embutidos Abel, situated in the largest industrial area of the island, Poligono Son Castelló in Palma. In the building, approved by the EC, with new refrigeration and freezing installations and machinery, the team is welcomed by Dirk Abel, head of manufacturing and production of the Corporation:

“Hello, my name is Dirk Abel, director of Embutidos Abel. The company Abel was founded by my father in 1970 and is manufacturing since then high quality German sausages. Today, my sister, my brother, me and even my son are working in the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and management of the Abel Corporation.

We deliver our products and German products in general all over the island to more than 200 clients – hotels, restaurants, cafes etc.”

Abel, Pol. Son Castelló, Palma de Mallorca

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